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We insist on the rigor of each process, carry out every small persistent, picky about the quality of each part, follow the strict quality indicators, in order to make riding safer, this is Zhejiang Zhanxiang, a company aiming to become the leader of China's safety brake system industry outstanding enterprises.
In September 2004, Zhejiang Zhanxiang Auto & Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd. was established.
In 2006, we began to focus on the research and development, production and sales of brake, serving for well-known domestic suppliers. In 2014, the company developed a five-year development strategy to enter the R&D and production of motorcycle and four-wheel brake. The company invested a large number of special production, testing equipment and the introduction of professional technology, management personnel, so that the product quality, field control has been a qualitative leap, marking Zhanxiang into the industrial automation production stage.
We will drive development through science and technology and drive change through innovation. In 2015, we began to develop and design a complete patented processing line from blank to semi-finished products composed of processing centers, composite special aircraft and other equipment. We innovated automatic production lines of pre-treatment, drying and electrostatic spraying, and all the assembly adopts advanced automatic detection and filling brake fluid equipment. Thanks to a series of scientific research and innovation measures, the company has obtained more than 20 product patents, and put the scientific research results into practical production and application, and won the municipal "technology-based enterprise", provincial "specialized, refined and innovative"、Provincial "High tech Enterprise Research and Development Center" and other honorary titles.
Create value for the brand and create wealth for customers. As a professional brake system product manufacturer, Zhanxiang has shown strong control power in enterprise management, product production and quality assurance. The company adopts the "TPS" management mode, establishes a series of strict quality inspection standards, and establishes a comprehensive quality control process from raw material procurement, production and assembly to finished product inspection with scientific visual parameters. The company's testing center has: fatigue durability test bench, high and low temperature oven, rubber anti-aging test bench, brake vane wear-resisting test bench, switch durability test bench and other testing equipment, to ensure the effective control of the product process, practice the "safe and practical" product commitment.
The company adheres to the talent concept of "honest and trustworthy, dare to take responsibility, pioneering and innovative, dare to pursue", and gathers an excellent production, research and development, sales and after-sales team. Under the concept of "people-oriented", it gathers the strength for the development of enterprises to take off. The company mainly provides safety braking system customization, technical update and other quality supporting services for Zongshen, Yadi, Emma, Luyuan, Xinri, Tailing, Betel, Niu and other well-known domestic brands as well as the South American market. Together, we have built up a continuously growing sales and service network. The brand promotion of Zhanxiang braking system has achieved great results.
Twenty years of wind and rain, twenty years of spring ploughing autumn Yun. Zhanxiang Company takes "making riding safer" as the enterprise mission. Every process of Zhanxiang products, every technical parameter is sincere coagulation, and every Zhanxiang people with such a belief, continuity of responsibility. Zhanxiang people with a new attitude into the future, so that the enterprise refraction more dazzling light.

Our company's vision is:

to become the leader of the safety brake system industry in China


Our company's mission is:

to make riding safer


Our company's core values are:

responsibility, innovation, tenacity, cooperation with


our company's slogan is

safe control Zhanxiang future

  • 2004.9.7
    Zhejiang Zhanxiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. established
  • 2009
    2009 began to focus on electric brake development, production, sales
  • 2012
    2012 after market sales promotion, more focused Chinese brands of electric vehicles matching service, the company became the industry leader.
  • 2014.6
    After June 2014 the company has developed into the motorcycle brake research and development and production of five-year development strategy
  • 2014.10
    October 2014, Chin Cheung new plant officially used, and a large number of inputs for production, testing equipment and the introduction of professional technical and management personnel, product quality, on-site control to give a qualitative leap, marking Chin Cheung industrial automation production efficiency striking
  • 2015
    2015 R & D design and processing center, the complex plane and other equipment from the rough to semi-complete patent processing line
  • 2016
    Chin Cheung people with a new attitude to advance the future, so that enterprises reflects the more dazzling light.
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