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Electric motorcycle, electric and electric bicycles what difference?
发布时间: 2016-5-3
In July 2014, wuyang - Honda introduced "net source" brand electric scooters and opened its first store, caused the vibration of the industry. Some people think that electric motorcycle will be under the impetus of the motorcycle brands, walking into the life of people; Also some people think that after the new gb, electric motorcycle will experience a leapfrog development.
Today, the author learned from Taiwan bell electric headquarters, in the national ministry of automobiles, motorcycles, three-wheeled automobile production enterprises and products with low speed truck, (262) announcement, a bell is granted production electric motorcycle, means that sets the bell group have the qualifications to the production of electric scooters.
Many people confuse power and electric scooters, electric motorcycle and electric motorcycle actually entirely different. Veteran, electric motorcycle is a branch of the motorcycle, the power is in the current electric luxury models based on partial improvement, referred to as "electric scooters. Electric motorcycle and electric motorcycle configuration, structure, materials, or a big difference, so the electric motorcycle, speed ratio power is strong.
The corresponding relation of the three:
Corresponding gas motorcycle electric motorcycle, electric bicycle corresponds to the bicycle, electric motorcycle fuel moped.
Electric vehicles new gb will come sooner or later, and the new national standard for electric vehicle speed, weight, size have detailed provisions, the future standard electric bicycle as a manage non-motor vehicles, and electric scooters (commonly known as electric motorcycle and electric motorcycle entirely carried out in accordance with the motor vehicle management. Predictably, severe contraction in motorcycle market now and in the future, replacing it is not the electric bicycle, electric motorcycle.
Many companies from last year start pushing electric motorcycle production qualification application, due to their high barriers to entry, currently only a new day, yadi, Emma, a bell and a few qualified enterprises. Any of the industry reshuffle is from upstream to downstream, when the brand is more and more concentrated, leave dealer option also will be more and more small.
Can look, the future of green in the short-distance transport, electric motorcycle and electric bicycle will replace the function of fuel of motorcycle and electric bicycle, the electric motorcycle, electric scooters) to replace the already an awkward fuel moped.
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