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Afraid of cold, afraid of water? What factors for electric cars
发布时间: 2016-5-3
To say what are some advantages of electric cars, I believe that even if it is not about car's friends will speak to 123. One of the most uniform talk to save money, lottery and restrictions also have preferential treatment in policy. But if I let you go to buy a electric cars, real to become the owner, so the vast majority of people will give up the advantages of said before, at a respectful distance. So this is why?
Electric cars, as the name implies, drive energy comes from the dielectric, storage battery, but whatever the design elements and materials of the battery can because extreme changes in temperature, resulting in lower than design reserves, especially cold winter, sub-zero temperatures will lead to electric car mileage shorten, the maximum power of the motor will also be affected.
, of course, the temperature in the electric design is valued, at the beginning of the current solution is manufacturer's mainstream battery packages in the midst of antifreeze, and maintain cells work to antifreeze heating temperature, but the solution of the problem is not obvious, antifreeze, after all, also need electricity heating, while the temperature of the battery under control, but the power drop is still evident, can not fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient battery working temperature in winter.
So, the development of new materials battery seems to be the only way out, it is said that has developed abroad can adapt to a variety of climate "all-weather" battery, the battery structure than traditional lithium-ion battery only increase 1.5% of the additional weight, cost only increased by 0.04%, almost not to existing power battery layout and production cost have too big impact, far more than the existing to the cooling fluid heating ways to be more energy-saving, more efficient. But now seems to be from the application to the people who still have some time, so is conservative, in the cold winter will to do it, to the greatest extent to protect the battery.
Without electricity charge never lost electricity for a long time
Not know, the inside of the electric car battery discharge reaction has been going on, the battery will consume slowly, over time if under-voltage stored for a long time, even after a full charge, saturation capacity of the battery is difficult to restore, so, if often do not run in the winter house car, also want to keep the battery is enough, don't make it in a state of loss of electricity for a long time, this is the most important one of the common sense of maintenance of electric vehicles, in addition to not lose electricity, electric cars, unfavorable also frequent excessive charging, parking need not when, to charge a month.
Charging time shoulds not be more than 12 hours
According to standards of small electric vehicles, small electric vehicles average time full of electricity for 6 to 12 hours, if it is easy to damage the battery long charging more than 12 hours, to reduce the life span, and even cause spontaneous combustion, according to statistics, most of the electric car spontaneous combustion accidents are caused by charging improperly, day and night in a closed space charge is absolutely undesirable. To ensure safety, charge should choose matching chargers, chargers are also likely to result in a spontaneous combustion.
To avoid slamming on the brakes to save electricity
Start and brake is consumed in the process of storage battery power is normal traffic for several times, in order to reduce the power consumption in winter, in guarantee under the premise of safety, should try to reduce the frequent start and slamming on the brakes. In vehicle has just started, pay attention to the slow speed, driving in case of a turn or traffic lights, can slow slide in advance, avoid sudden brake cost extra power. As electric cars and gasoline vehicles also afraid of water?
In people's subconscious, the electric car is also like this kind of mobile phone, computer electronic products, water for this kind of things, or stay at a respectful distance from sb more reliable. But then again, the vehicle as a traffic tool, using the environment is very complex, can be less controlled products such as the use of mobile phones, so for the electric car, how to deal with the water in the process of driving road and vehicle after the water will not affect the vehicle performance and security, has become the focus of attention.
With conventional gasoline cars by wading sections when the commonly used "slowly into steady out" strategy is slightly different, electric cars wade when adopting the tactics of uniform forward instead, if one of the main reason is gasoline cars were in the water too fast, easy to enter the water to the air inlet result in engine damage, and electric power plant are closed operation, the most let us uneasy place is, in fact, some high voltage electric equipment.
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